Anyone Using

Just ran across and was wondering if anyone has tried to use them yet. I just connected my ebay account and it does not look like they support CS-Cart yet. Once I get an access code from them I will try to upload a .csv file to see how that works.

Old topic, but this is the only thread on on the forum.

USPS Click-N-Ship is no longer desirable because it no longer provides Commercial Base Pricing, now all of the prices are Retail pricing w/the new rate increase.

So... I just created a ShippingEasy account today. I chose them for their USPS rates, but the webinar showed a LOT of time saving features using CSV files.

They offer Commercial Plus Pricing from USPS. Commercial Plus Pricing is lower than Commercial Base Pricing and normally requires 50,000 shipments a month to be eligibility. The postage is provided by Endicia, but the rate is better than I can get from Endicia or It's $29 a month for up to 500 shipments. Support is awesome.

Did you end up using ShippingEasy clips?

No we did not. Back then they charged for every platform we were on, even if we only sold 4-5 items a month on a particular platform. So if we were on Amazon, eBay or others they wanted to charge $10 more for each platform. I'm not for sure if they've changed that or not. Right now we are using ShipStation to ship orders and we import the orders once per month in to Quickbooks using the SCA program for WriteItOnce.

BTW, sorry for the delayed response. We "unfollowed" most of the threads we were in.