Anyone using Rochen web hosting?

Rochen is a webhost company with good reputation among joomla users.

Has good reviews in

Has anybody tried cs-cart on this company, or is currently hosted there?


Don’t know… but as for hosts: a good host is a good host. And a good host will have no problems running cs-cart :slight_smile:

The needs of cs-cart (and most ecommerce applications) are quite different that most sites (wordpress, blogs, informatinal sites, etc.). They usually tax the database system and the underlying filesystem. They might also use much more cpu and memory resources.

Know and understand the policies and restrictions of any hosting provider and also get some idea of their willingness to tune the server toward higher database usage than they normally encounter.

This is a good thread in the webhostingtalk forum:


To be honest I never heard about Rochen web hosting. I will definitely take a look at the them but at the moment I am very satisfied with my current provider. Does Rochen have a good customer support because this is very important to me?