Anyone Using Multi-Vendor Software?

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a user guide or documentation to give to my vendor administrators, which would make this a much easier process. I have about 55 stores on my website, and I manage them all, as I am too afraid to let them “have at it” without a roadmap.

Dear Kat,

You see, the the idea of Multi-Vendor is 1 storefront—multiple vendors. Vendors cannot have their own stores and domains. Vendors sell their products under 1 common storefront.

If you wish to have one mall with multiple individual stores and vendors, it will require a combination of CS-Cart, Multi-Vendor and additional storefronts. We are ready to offer you this complex solution; it is provided by our subsidiary company Simtech Development, Ltd. ([url=“”][/url]).

If you are interested in this solution, please write to us at

Thank you.