Anyone use CyberLNC cloud VPS

I am aready using CyberLnc and am very happy with their service but was thinking of moving up to their CLoud VPS serivce as we are thinking of expanding Probably starting with 3 nodes.

Just curious if anyone is using this serivce and if they recommend it. Also if switchover was smooth , monthly costs, and any beneifts or setbacks they may have encountered…

I use the VPS Cloud system. If I remember correctly I am either on the 3 node or 4 node system. So far I’ve been very happy. I’ve had a few hiccups along the way, but Matt has been able to get everything ironed out just fine.

I think I pay about $75.00 per month. I wish the price was a little less, but I have quite a few sites on the system so that makes up for the higher price.

So far I’ve been very happy and would recommend the CyberLNC VPS Cloud to anyone.


I’m currently on a dedicated server (using CyberLNC) apparently there is also the capability to have future enhancements with Cloud. From what I hear Cloud is extremely good, but I am yet to use it myself.

This announcement is related to the topic of Cloud hosting at CyberLNC …

For those who don’t know, CentOS 5.5 was officially released yesterday:

Click here for CentOS announcement

Last night, we upgraded all Cloud servers to the new CentOS 5.5 64 bit as

well as updated the default deployment image so all new Cloud servers will

now be on CentOS 5.5 immediately upon initial activation.

We also upgraded the kernel and firewall on all servers and made a number

of other miscellaneous enhancements and upgrades as well.

In addition to the cloud servers, all shared hosting servers have also been upgraded

and we are currently in the process of upgrading dedicated client servers.

CyberLNC Web Hosting

We upgraded from CyberLNC’s shared host to VPS cloud a few months back. We are on 8 nodes and pay ~$133 with backup service. We start with 4 nodes and upgrade along the way until we get the performance we want.

We did have some issue with the previous data centre where the server hosts as it was constantly under hacker attack resulting in our IP being backlisted by some parties. There is no issue after we migrated to the current data center. So far, I have not experience any downtime with this data centre.

One of the benefit of the cloud VPS is that you can start with a low nodes and upgrade as your business growth without worrying the DNS/SSL, etc . You can also increase the nodes in the short term basic to cater to the sessional sales or promotion.

Matt and david is extremely helpful and responsive in providing the advice and technical assistance. In my case, Matt take care of the migration and because of the change in the IP, I need to update the DNS as well as the re-issusing of SSL cert (Davide provide help in installing the SSL cert).

Like Brandon, I have been very happy and would recommend their service to anyone.