Anyone use a Thawte SSL?


I have a Thawte SSL123 Certificate on my site and had been displaying their Trusted Site Seal using the code from them at [url][/url]

I noticed that during my redesign that the validation error messages weren’t being displayed during checkout, the messages that should highlight required fields not being completed, I thought this was to do with the redesign so have had my designer trying to fix it for weeks. He didn’t have a clue so we paid CS Cart and they found the problem the same day. It’s the code that Thawte use to display their site seal thats the problem.

So, is anyone else displaying a click able Thawte Trusted Site Seal on their CS Cart site?

If so, does your validation messages still get displayed during checkout?

If they do, can you show me the code you use to display them so I can see if it would work on my site.



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Hi John,

it’s your site or one of your customers?

Very nice designed.

Hi Indy,

Thanks for the nice comments :smiley: It’s my site, well it will be once the design is finished. Then I just need to get all the products sorted out :slight_smile: