Anyone tried new 2.1.2 version?

I’d like to know the performance of the new version 2.1.2, especially the page loading time and SEO. Anyone upgraded to 2.1.2? Please let us know your Web site so that I can have a look at the index on Google.

No one dare to try the new version 2.1.2?

I think a good number of people have tried it as there have been many posts regarding it. I am not one of them though, as I’m happy with 2.0.15 and my custom changes.

I have a couple of sites set up on 2.1.2 and my main site is set up on 2.1.1. So far everything seems fine and works great.


I checked [url][/url] on google and found 38,800 pages indexed by Google, pretty good. Bing only indexed a few hundred pages. Don’t know why.

I had a few issues upgrading from 2.0.15 but CS sorted it for me.

I have a lot of product opitons and found that the site seemed slower when selecting categories. I folowed texas guys post about altering fn.catalog.php and not is a lot faster.

I also followed Lee Lis speed up your site posts (not all of em) and use Gzip etc and my homepage load time is down from 4-5 sec now to average 2.4 Thanks Lee Li

Am quite pleased with 2.1.2 especially the quick search function.


I’m testing 2.1.2. I meet a problem, when I try to manage a category, it shows a blank page in Admin. What’s the problem?

Post a screenshot so we know what you’re talking about

I found the error message said “Cannot unset string offsets in /public_html/core/fn.cms.php on line 704, referer:”. Please help me!

I tested CSCART 2.1.2 again for a few days on the same server and under different domain name, tested by visiting the two sites from my computer and different web site speed test tools found on the Internet. My decision is to stay with 2.0.15.

Thanks for the insight Madaha…

I was going to upgrade to 2.1.2 from 2.0.15 but I was unsure if it was worth all the hassle considering I only have 54 products on my site.

You’ve just saved me the stress of the indecision of the last 3 days of trying to decide if I should upgrade :slight_smile:

Kudos to your detective work and reporting back to the forum!!!