Anyone tested Ultimate Edition with T-Hub yet?

Curious is Ultimate Edition works with T-Hub. I have an email out to Atandra, but I was wondering if anyone here has tried it themselves, and how their experience has been if so.



Your questioning is a bit premature considering CS-Cart Ultimate Edition is still in Beta stage making it very unlikely that a 3rd party order management program developer has even done any testing for compatibility yet.

We are currently using ECC by Webgility and will be testing this on the Ultimate edition after it is officially released.

Good luck

I tested it myself, but I couldn’t get it to connect. One of the devs at Atandra is looking into it for us. For our organization, it’s not a premature question because we are considering rolling out Ultimate Edition over 3-5 sites and must have consolidated Quickbooks integration and shipping label integration in order for the project to be feasible. If this can’t be accomplished, we’ll look for a different solution, but are HUGE fans of the CS-Cart/T-Hub combo… and we would like to take advantage of the early bird pricing on Ultimate Edition AS LONG AS the two will play nicely together. :-)