Anyone running on a large scale site?

I posted this in another thread, but figured it may help to start a new thread.

Wondering if anyone is running the cart on a large scale site, 200 orders or more a day.

I am not as worried about performance (will be using static pages) but more on bugs.

I am working with the 1.3.5 SP2, and just want to see if anyone else is working with the software on this scale.


It depends on what features you are going to implement. I am running a store that is doing international orders, different shipping options, affiliates, wholes sale, gift certificates and a bunch more. The software had serious problems over the holidays. Bugs with the AJAX calls and the one page checkout caused Apache to lock up on several different occasions forcing me to reboot my server. To say the least my client is pissed. There are several other quirks that you should explore before you go live, mostly dealing with the way you are going to ship and what accounting program you need to export for. Additionally, I am currently working on a custom skin for a customer and it has proven to be a nightmare.

Although a lot of these bugs are supposed to be addressed with SP2, I have not implemented it yet due to the customization I have with the store. I will probably do it this week.

I would recommend that you explore and test every option that you will be using before you go live.

Thanks for the information. Sorry to hear about the issues. What worries me is that It is hard to test for every single option / browser combination.

CS Cart - Can we please resolve current bugs before going forward on new features.

Even losing 1% of a sites sales due to bugs/ordering issues is quite a bit of $.

I would easily give up AJAX functionality for reliabiity.

Stability and Security should really be the cornerstone of CS-Cart

Totally, everyone needs cross borwser compatibility and total working functionality, and it should be the total intention of everything.

Maybe when the beta releases are made we all need to try and do our bit and cs need to be organised on what has been checked and by whom.

OK, I have updated to SP2 and also switched servers (duel proc, 500GB bandwidth, 2GB ram - Fedora core 7, apache 2, PHP 5 and MySQL 4)

One of our biggest days was Dec. 19th with 4091 shoppers we had @175 orders completed and Apache crashed at 11:30 PM central. As explained in my previous post (sorry for sounding so agitated there) we found Apache locking up. I am hoping the updates and the changes to my settings will fix that issue.

We are going to be promoted on the Oprah show today and I am expecting a very strong peak load with a large audience through the week. Additionally we have sent out a very large email campaign which will also generate traffic.

Now that I lay it out in front of me, I’m getting kinda nervous. Wish me luck.

Wow, congratulations and best of luck! I certainly hope everything holds up for you.

Do you have any contingencies in case the site doesn’t hold up?

Please keep us updated on how everything goes.