Anyone processing maestro card?

I have enabled 3d secure but do not know what the requirements are for taking payments from this card type… is just the card number, expiry dat and 3 digit code or do I need to set cs-cart to also ask for issue number, start date aswell?



hi badmaash,

you must have 1 acount with the bank before the bank give devkit for asp, js, php with example. and personalized url to send the order.

when the client choose credit card and proccess the client is redirectioned directly to the bank url , the script send the order number ,total price, product name .

the form bank need credit card , validation date of the card and the 3 last numbrer at the back of the card AND DEPENDING OF THE BANK 1 password to finish the payment.

method password is not standand , somme banks require card pin to finnish

another banks send password sms to the client phone to finnish and another bank give the possibility to allows in your admin acount bank 1 password to buy in internet. and another method exist…

many client don’t know 3dsecure = many order open . you must call rapidly the client to swith to another payment method ex bank transfert or Cash on delivry to not loose the order.

3d secure is catastrofic in % order transformation but probably less than my English