Anyone know where the code is generated for this in product_template?


Anyone have any idea as to which .tpl genereates this text on the product detail page?

[Add to Cart Button]

This product will be available on 11/15/2010 <— This is genenerated where?

{Add to Wishlist link}

You can see a sample below (NOTE: I changed the text in the language file… this is why my demo link looks different then the sample above).


Please let me know!

That is being called up from:

{if $product.avail_since > $smarty.const.TIME}
{include file="common_templates/coming_soon_notice.tpl" avail_date=$product.avail_since add_to_cart=$product.buy_in_advance}

In skins/your-skin/customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl

The notice is generated from skins/your-skin/customer/common_templates/comming_soon_notice.tpl

Hope that helps,


go into administration and uncheck the buy in advance for the product



Ugh… how would I move this to under the “In/Out of Stock” field?