Anyone have or can make a Klarna Module

im looking for a klarna Module for mij payments

i need from this webshop they dont have yet the Module Ready

Klarna International | Safe & easy-to-use payment solutions

this is the website

thx people

Hello, unlocksupport!

We are highly experienced in integration of payment modules and ready to help you. Read here for more details CS-Cart payment integration | by Alt-team

Best regards, Alt-team.

We can also do your payment integration. Click the 'get a quote' link in the signature.

I am also be interested in this module.

Maybe we can share costs for development?

How did this end up ?

Who got the project and how did it end.

I`m have just got a green ligth for API from Klarna and need the same thing…

Is going through Adyen an option? They integrate with klarna and I know someone is going to release an Adyen module soon. This way you'll only need 1 PSP because Adyen just about accepts everything… we're going with them soon as well.

Ok, it seems we will integrate this.

Seonid, are you talking about Adyen or Klarna? If the first I am your first customer because unfortunately the guy who made the Adyen module in the first place seems to have disappeared.

I'm not interested in “just” klarna… I have worked with 5 individual PSP's the last 2 years and think that when I switch to Adyen - which offers integration with all of them and of top of that has great credit card rates - you just need to be a bit of a bigger store since their monthly fee is 100 euro, but this includes 1000 transactions - it will be a lot less work maintaining everything.

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Ok, it seems we will integrate this.


When do you expect to relese this paymentmodule?

[quote name='Seonid' timestamp='1378808539' post='168020']

Ok, it seems we will integrate this.


I'm interested in moduleversion, NOT “klarna checkout” version.


We have released Klarna Checkout payment add-on for CS-Cart recently.

Price is $149.

If you have any questions, it’s better to ask our CS-Cart developers.

Best regards,