Anyone getting errors that is using

We just started having problems this morning out of no where with payments being processed through When a customer tries to place an order returns an error like… general error (processing error)

I've been waiting on hold for 20+ minutes with so I have no clue from them yet. My guess is with a wait like that they are having issues. I did find a thread on their site at…

…that said we needed to get a “Response Reason Code”, but I do not see where to find that. Does anyone know if CS-Cart keeps that information so we can give to

We are using CS2.2.5 and have not made changes to the system in quite a few months. So again, we are thinking that is having some type of issue.

BTW, here is the actual error the shopping cart shows…

“An error occurred during processing. Please try again.”

The other error is what I see in

Finally got to speak with someone. If your credit card processor is First Data it sounds like you will be getting this error. That is what just explained to me. He said First Data tried to update or upgrade their servers at 3am and something went wrong. Now no one can process a credit card through their (meaning First Data) system.

Please keep us updated on this. I just opened a new merchant account that uses First Data as the gateway and will be setting this up next week.

We've been with First Data for probably 10+ years. I've had issues with, but this is the first time I ran in to anything with First Data. They get it fixed and we haven't had any problems again today. We recovered nicely on sales too. So that made it not seem so bad.

90% of merchant account providers are re-sellers of First Data services and probably 80% of banks use them as the primary batch processor.

So when First Data goes down, most of the US payment processing does too.

Happy days…