Anyone Get Paypal Commerce Platform Working?

Hi All,

We are trying our best to use the new integration with Paypal Commerce Platform released in V.4.11.5, but can't get it to work.

We worked with Paypal to get approval for the account and got the BN Code. We then inserted the BN Code into the CS-Cart code per instructions from CS-Cart support.

After setting everything up our vendors don't have the ability to actually "Connect with Paypal". The button for vendor to connect with Paypal is completely missing. (See Attached image)

Has anyone successfully gotten Paypal Commerce Platform working with Multi-Vendor?




Not yet. Just received a reply from CSCart Helpdesk stating

"Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the delay in answering.

Unfortunately, PayPal is not yet ready to provide the credentials required to use the new payment solution massively. We are currently in the process of communication with PayPal regarding the provision of credentials required to use the PayPal Commerce solution. If you are going to use this payment method in your Marketplace, please provide us the following information:

1. PayPal business account email
2. Merchant account ID
3. Platform volume
4. Country
5. Link to website
6. Email address to send you a copy of the message.

We will send this information to PayPal.

PayPal Commerce Platform is the only option if you want the money from each order to be automatically distributed between the marketplace owner and the involved vendors.

Please let me know if you have any questions. "