anyone else have a picklist addon?

Im new to cscart addons for the 2x versions. I am pretty excited with how easy it was to write an addon. The biggest hurdle was learning the controllers and how different aspects all worth together. Then getting the sql query to give me the correct data in the correct order and assigning it to smarty…

So without rambling on too much further, here is a screenshot of what I have so far. Needs some more work for the functions I want to add. Big thanks to snorocket for inventory location idea.


I was born with a small brain… what's a picklist?

well if you have a bunch of orders daily then its wise to have a picklist to know which product and which options you need to pull from inventory or which to order. i also have the orders total there for each product so i can aproximate how many boxes to grab from inventory to box everything up.

without this feature…doing 50-100 sales a day for the work we do would become so tedious it wouldnt even be worth having the website.