Anyone else getting a SSL error due to this image since upgrading?

Noticed today in Firefox that my site is giving the message “warning: Contains unauthenticated content” at the checkout screen. Ive checked my code 5 times over and everything seems correct. Then I found a post from a guy saying that if an image is missing you will sometimes see this error, the problem is you cant see a missing image if it isnt there!

Anyway, I “think” I found the issue. I noticed this line in my autocomplete.css

.ac_loading {
background : Window url('./indicator.gif') right center no-repeat;

For the life of me I cant find indicator.gif and pingdom seems to think its missing too.

If someone has it and can post it that would be great. Also if someone else can check and see if its missing for them as well it would also be great. Im running 2.0.11

Edit: I just grabbed a generic indicator.gif and popped it in. It did fix the image missing issue but it didnt fix the unsecure content issue…

Edit 2: Issue was my SSL logo. Even though the url was https, because it was nested inside a javascript it was calling to http:

if anyone else ever has this issue, there is a great addon for firefox that shows you every link/connection for your page so that you can diagnose which are secure and which arent