anyone currently using godaddy hosting?

anyone currently using godaddy hosting? if so how is it? (pros/cons), is the speed fast? how about customer service?

I don’t personally use GoDaddy but have a couple clients who do plus have moved others from their servers to my own.

I personally don’t care for their services for a couple of reasons.

  1. They are bulk over Sellers that will pack hundreds of accounts on each server. This in itself isn’t unusual and most commercial hosts do this but, In order for them to secure servers with this many ‘unknown’ clients is to lock them down very tight. This means that nearly all even somewhat insecure PHP functions are disabled and that can be big problems running certain scripts. And they are not flexible if you should need a particular function in order to run your site. I moved one client from them for this reason alone.

  2. Their client control panel and options are very basic and awkward to use (screen shot below). As an example, simple things like adding a database requires their approval so you must wait for them to activate those you create in the control panel…

    For security, performance and convenience reasons, I don’t recommend them or any ‘wholesaler type’ host for a commerce site you want to take serious.


[quote name=‘S-Combs’]

For security, performance and convenience reasons, I don’t recommend them or any ‘wholesaler type’ host for a commerce site you want to take serious.[/QUOTE]

This ain’t advertising… It’s a statement :P.

I currently using S-Combs’s hosting and have never looked back, my local gave me the ****ola, that I don’t have time for.

Since I moved to cyberlnc I’ve had issue’s resolved in 1 hour or less

The only thing I have ever heard about GoDaddy is how much they suck, I know people who have used them and switched within like a week because they were that bad.

For shared hosting I would reccomend Scott, or Although I have not used Scotts hosting he has helped me out alot with my VPS, and knows Linux systems very well. As for 1and1, I used them before I decided to upgrade to my VPS, they are very reliable for uptime I never had any downtime with them - ever. But there support sucks, if you need help past something like making an email address your pretty much on your own. One good thing about there shared hosting is the fact that if you have multiple domains on one account you don’t need to stick extra ones in sub-folders, well you still have to but they have an option in the CP to set a sub-folder as the home directory for a domain, so you wont have the sub-folder in the URL. I guess they do something with httpd.config.

If you are ready to make the jump to VPS, I would reccomend I have had some bumps along the way with some incompatible settings. But they have an awesome support team and give you full control over your VPS so you can ajust it to your needs, or they will do it for you if you submit a ticket because there VPS’s are fully managed.

Thats my 2 cents, Brandon.

I’d recommend not hosting with Godaddy, but I won’t list endless reasons.

Basicly, they suck.

Brandito: I’ll ask you about Wiredtree in 6 months. I have seen their site before and I became interested, but I don’t like jumping upon fresh companies that may suffer from growth problems.

[quote name=‘Zyles’]Basicly, they suck.[/QUOTE]

ok, thanks, I’ll stay put untill I’m ready for VPS ect…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]ok, thanks, I’ll stay put untill I’m ready for VPS ect…[/QUOTE]

only thing i have there is domain registers no hosting plans i did not understand them when i first signed up back in 2006 it only took me about 1 month to switch hosting plans since they were not helpful to me they said i had to purchase there cart system to sale on line and all so i went to hostmonster there came into problems with being offline quite a few times so when i switched just recently to cyber lnc i am trying to get the cart working again with seo problems the search engines indexed my old shopping cart system which was cube cart which has its problems i am glad roban told me about cs cart im still learning but i am glad i found it it seems to be working now as long as it stays secure im ok with it im trying to figure out the weight issue on the products if there is a way to fix all products to weigh a certain weight another problem i ran into is the paypal pro file name / certificate after that i dont know what to put in there

but my question is how to get search engines to redo my site in the rankings and all is adwords a option or is having a affiliate to help get sales ? please help on this

i prefer cyber lnc or mikes site but for the number domains i have cyber lnc has the better plan cause i had total of 8 sites so i stay busy besides working locally

but locally is slow right now so i have to depend on internet sales to make it can someone give me some pointers in seo on cs cart


calvin i however just joined the forum today

Take a look at this thread: [url][/url]

Not tooting my own horn, (well, maybe a little bit), but this should give you a heads up about GoGaddy.