Anyone Change the Nav Bar?

I am hoping to be able to change the nav bar under the banner (has Home, Catalog, My Account, View Cart). I’d like to add a button or two.

How do I go about doing this? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

This is done under the “Design” tab > Top Menu.


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the Design Tab. Mine goes from Shipping/Taxes to Administration to Look and Feel to CMS.

Am I missing a setting?

Thank you for your help,


the Design tab is only in v2.0+

what version are you working with?

[quote name=‘moka’]what version are you working with?[/QUOTE]

I implemented about a year ago. I know there have been releases since then. How do I tell what release I am currently at.

Thank you in advance for your help.