Anybody deal with

I purchased a skin with them days ago and paid for it, but when I log into my account it says that the product needs to be paid in full before I can download it.

It’s been paid in full!

I’ve tried to email them like five times and nobody responds.

Has anybody else dealt with this company before? I’ve dealt with in the past and I’ve had good experiences.

They used to be active in these forums. I haven’t seen a post or heard from them in months.

[quote name=‘Triplets’]They used to be active in these forums. I haven’t seen a post or heard from them in months.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for that info.

Running several businesses, I’ll tell you — poor customer support skills will kill you every time!!! :mad:

Oh well, I’m going to have PayPal refund me.

In the meantime, does anybody know of any themes or skins out there that implement a YouTube video, for the homepage? I really liked this particular theme at, for this very reason.


I have an ad, I want to plug on the homepage and also found this layout really fun, aside from a few photoshop changes I’d need to make.

you could just embed the youtube video code in one of the blocks on the home page, get the embed code from you tube and paste the source code right in the block, position the block where you want it.


It is so sad that CScartskins seems to be going by the wayside too. I have bought a few very nice skins from them in the past couple of years. Their support used to be the best, but that is pretty much gone. I think their site has just become a left over thought now that they really don’t want to do much with.

Maybe someone who knows how to “skin” CS can buy the site from CScartskins and get it running again. There are very few options out there for skins. Even the mods are slim pickin.