Any way to stop filters re-sorting when selected?

I have searched for some time now but can’t figure out a way to stop the filter checkboxes from re-sorting themselves when one is clicked.

I have my filter choices in the order I want and I don’t want the selected filter to move up to the top. It is very un-user-friendly and something my client wants disabled.

Any ideas for how to disable this feature would be much appreciated, thank you!

This would be very helpful. I've been wanting to do this for ages. I looked into it briefly a while ago, there wasn't a quick fix.

I have a solution for this.

Basicly two of them.

First is simple , but not very good, cause it's done in template file of filters.(Made this one on our site, cause there wasn't much time).

Second a bit more complex, but it's right solution, cause it's done with hook in the controller.

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andypendy, can you reveal the fix for this? I want to get rid of the re-sorting and also stop the page from scrolling after activating the filter.