Any way to show a product count in category branches ?

There is nothing more frustrating than to drill down through categories

only to find nothing listed.

Is there a setting to show, for example, Womens Pants ( 25 ) instead of

Womens Pants.

hmmmm…I would like this one too.

There is a free addon for V2: you may be able to adapt it to suit your current version, if not try contacting the developer to see if they will update the addon.


I've integrated this with a Mega Menu addon:


Nice one Jeremy.

Tried googling Mega Menu but I wasn't sure what I was

looking for…lol

Do you yourself implement it ?

Not a biggy just now because all these magic menu thingies

are all for Version 2 anyway.

Hi Termalert,

Take a look at this one for CS-Cart 3: [url=“”][/url]

Thanks Mashmedia.

A bit pricey for my just now but will bookmark your site.