Any way to make sold items not visible

Hi good people.

It's been quite a while for me.

Had CS Cart version 1.something for a while but had to abandon it

because of time soak by ebay. Recently I looked around for a hosted solution.

After trying Volution, Bigcommerce, Shopify and ashop I settled on ashop.

Now I want to go back to CS-Cart but I have noticed the absence of a feature

that I really liked.

I sell one off items and 'once' CS-Cart had the product option where you could

make a sold item 'invisible' to avoid questions like 'when will this item be back in stock ?'.

I can't see this option any more.

Is there any way to make a sold item disappear from public view

apart from having to manually mark it 'offline' ???




[color=#5F5F5F][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]Show out of stock products[/font][/color]

Thanks heaps kogi.

I just kept looking on the product page

for some weird reason.

Have a great day / night.