Any way not to use localisation for diff geographic / retail/ wholesale?

Dear all,

As our nature of business has it that, we can only offer one country’s products for retail & wholesale - Singapore (SGD) - since this is where I’m based.

UK for wholesale to Singapore businesses (GBP), Canada fulfillment for worldwide businesses (wholesale export - CAD).

Is there any way to make sure the products displayed are in their respective currencies and paid in their respective currencies?

Do not want to use localisations as this will complicate things even further… since its not entirely geographic as a criteria…

Please enlighten… hoping to cover this problem in a 3 days time…

Thank you.

any kinds souls, who can help?

basically we need a solution so that in the product page, the amount can be shown in multiple currencies or the origin currency from the supplier.

And we need a payment mod for paypal to be able to pay in the right currency closer to the origin currency or equal to it.

CAD = CAD, GBP = GBP, and not like now, paypal payment is in SGD, but the product price is quoted in CAD. (exchange rate have to be updated to my clients to indicate how much they should pay in Paypal or via T/T.

have my own uservoice post : Plese support the cause of having Multiple currencies for the shopfront – product details page, and Paypal Mod to configure options of currencies for payment.


This looks like quite an undertaking. I’ve built multicurrency ecommerce portals and I can tell you, just finding a way to keep the conversion rate correct is a mess. Where do you get current rates for currency A to currency B, especially if currency A is an obscure currency used by a small island nation?

My only recourse (and the solution I chose) was to convert everything to a common currency (USD or Euro) then use a free “forex” RSS feed (Euro or USD to other currency exchange rates) to get estimate the exchange rate between the two currencies. That’s the best you can do.

The only way to ensure accuracy is to do all transactions in a single currency.

So it would be quite an undertaking for the CS-Cart developers. You’d need alot of support.

That said, it would make this cart alot better. So … good luck.

Thanks for your comments Gginorio.

Yea I understand that this can be quite difficult…

Anyway, have chosen to keep it within my country’s currency – SGD, and do conversion in Excel whenever there’s an update from my suppliers’ pricing… And set a 1% buffer…

Trying to ask customers to pay in the respective origin currency, ie CAD / GBP is daunting task too… so I might as well settle it at that…

Will consider converting everything to USD in time to come… but for now… keep it simple… SGD… since we also have local Singapore supplier…

Can be extra work from my end, but that’s all I can do for now…