Any recommendations for Live Help software.

There seem to be a few out there but I need one

that a dummy can install.

you should use OSTicker: [url=“”][/url]

Looks OK.

So…do I paste the html code into a created CS-Cart block ??

Live Help or a ticket system?

[size=4]Live Help.[/size]

[size=4]Like the one CS-Cart is dropping support for.[/size]

[size=4]The one where people have a live chat with[/size]

[size=4]site owners.[/size]

[size=4]I am looking to try [color=#444444][font=arial, sans-serif]Crafty Syntax[/font][/color][color=#444444][font=arial, sans-serif] Live Help because[/font][/color][/size]

[size=4][color=#444444][font=arial, sans-serif]it is available via my CPanel.[/font][/color][/size]