Any Recomendations For Seo Addon

I Have a site that has been recently launched on V3.1 but it's been dropped by Google for most of the keywords built up for the previous cart which was X Cart.

I am looking around for a good SEO add on to buy from a third party and wondered if any body has experience and can recommend a company.

Any advice welcome as my site is dropping by the day in revenue intake.

Had a look around and have come across 4sprungs seo add on, it is the most expensive seo add on i have come across for CsCart, is anybody using this now and if so what results have you been able to achieve, is it easy to use?

I used it for a while but it didn't work as well as the latest version of CS Cart. My recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of CS cart.

Would love to upgrade but i am led to believe it's not a simple task to go from V3.1 to the latest v4 plus my site has just been finished by a well know CsCart company so i can't afford to pay out again.

I had problems with 4 sprung version and dont wanna rip into it but I wouldnt go there again. Im sure it probably does the job in the right circumstances but research it well !!

Check out “Ultimate SEO add-on” from CS-Cart Rocks. Works better than the standard ones and has great support. Very reasonably priced.


I second JackConnick’s recommendation of the addon from CSCartRocks. It rocks. :-) Support is second to none.

Kingsleypress have you used CSCartRocks and how were they, you can pm me if you wish.

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Kingsleypress have you used CSCartRocks and how were they, you can pm me if you wish.


Yes, I've been using their stuff for years. Their support is some of the best in the CS-Cart community. I highly recommend them.