Any problems with this HTML Graphic Trick

I have an item that is supplied in various colours across a range of products but not all colours come in all the range.

The colour range changes about once a year with maybe one dropping in and one dropping out.

This change may only affect certain ranges.

I was thinking of creating an image to show what the colour range is along with some comments. But all this would be as an image.

I could then display this image on an additional product tab saying Examples Of Colour Range,

(The intention is not to photograph each new one in all the products as it comes in - but to have a set of images for each product in one colour only)

When the colour range changed I would then change the image and hey presto it would be changed across all products on the Examples Of Colour Range tab.

(Obviously products which had the new colour added would need to then have this added in the colour option variants)

This seems a fast solution but maybe there are problems with it or a better idea that I have missed.