Any other paid customer now being told their trial is expired?

This morning my admin backend told me that my trial had expired. I am unable to use search functions, update products, orders, etc.

I’ve been using this stuff since 1.XX and have extended support twice! The license is still in my account and still correct on my server.

Anyone else running into problems with their software ‘phoning it in?’

This problem seems to repeat itself often for us. The best we can figure is when the software tries to “call back” to CS-Cart there must be a delay or something on their server, so then we get the error.

You may want to check the license and make sure it is accurate.

Put in a support ticket. I had this same problem for 2.2.2 and the CS-Cart team had to gain access to my server and fix something. Problem was fixed by the next day.

It happened to us on the current upgrade and then went away on its own…


Thank you for your messages. We apologize for your inconvenience in this matter.

I suggest that you should follow instructions in the “The 'This trial version of CS-Cart shopping cart software is licensed for a 30-day evaluation…' message” article of our Knowledge base: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation . Please check it.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team


Even I am facing the same problem for my site. it shows license expired.

Please check and resolve the problem at the earliest.