Any experience in Inmotionhosting ?

I am planning to move my hosting from shared to VPS for the cs-cart pro. I have 1000+ products online and planning more to add later. Can Inmotionhosting VPS support the cs-cart with speed and performance. I am currently using Hostgator but hostgator price is bit high in VPS… any experience please let me know…

You should check out

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You should check out


I second this suggestion. I have been with them for about 6 months now and they have been great. Their support is very helpful and responsive and their service is fast and reliable.

Having used VPS at both Inmotion and Hostgator, I will say that the site performance would be about the same. I can't vouch for Futurehosting's VPS but I can say that their dedicated boxes have performed excellently and I've found their support service to be very responsive.

I switched away from inmotion because our VPS with them was incredibly slow.

I haven't tried their VPS but their business hosting is really slow for cs-cart (in our experience, compared to other shared hosting). But i ranked them #1 for their support.

Found Inmotion support to be slow and low quality. But this was for dedicated. Maybe they have easier time with vps.

I also seen Hostavps which have nice config in Hybrid VPS with litespeed.

A long time ago we used InMotion and they were friendly and well priced for entry level shared hosting but not quite there for anything else.

A guy named Dan was the late night support and sometimes you couldn't get to him for hours at a time.

But again Dan was super friendly and helpful once you got to him.