Any ex-Interspire people here?

All indications to this point seem to be that Interspire will not be updated anymore. They haven’t released an update since 6.0 came out, stopped posting in their blog, basically stopped customer service and bug fixes, etc. Their new BigCommerce SaaS is getting all of their attention now, yet they’re still selling their self hosted cart but just not paying any attention to it.

I was just about to buy Interspire until finding this out. It’s sad because Interpsire had TONS of features. Now the options are left to CS-Cart and OpenCart. Actually the only thing which holds me back from CS-Cart is the ease of integrating a custom design. Anyone want to help me make up my mind? :)

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Opencart is very promising, It's fast and the code is clean.

CS-cart however is much more mature. Almost anything you can think off is build in by the CS-cart developers (especially in the new version!), which means you get support and features will be taken along and keep working on new versions (unlike some add-ons by third party developers).

Also, the support on the forum by members is fantastic. Since most of us paid for 1 or more licenses, I think the average member here tends to have more knowledge then forum members of freeware carts who just try a cart because it's free, and then give up (this is actually noticable here as well, since the free edition we have many new people coming and going).

Also check out this website: