Any Data Feed (Google Shopping) Experts For Custom Products?

We have about 13,000 products on our site that are all customizable. Over the years I have tried to figure out how to get my data feed to work with Google Shopping with these products but no luck. I know it's possible since I see all kinds of custom items in there that are on Etsy, eBay and even some of my competition's sites but not sure how to do it. Anyone have a suggestion?


are you able to show us a list of columns and one example record from file that is created by data feed?

I can take a look into it and maybe spot some mistakes.

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Gogole seems to change its mind on how they should be submitted depending on the weather :)

Instance, I had to submit all my custom item prices with at least one custom logo on them, then they changed a year or so later, and said the item should be listed, plain without logo cost, and logo cost to be an option.

They are amatuers

Good luck with it, Id be interested to see how you get on

Right now I haven't done anything with the data feed since I know that Google want certain fields filled out that I can't provide. Last time I looked it seemed like I was going to have to go through all 13,000 products and fill out something specific in certain fields since the items were all custom. Trying to avoid such tedious work but it may be required.