any body interested in work?


I was wondering if anybody was interested in some contract work to assist in some cs-cart development. I am from Australia but will be happy to work with international developers. For further enquiries please contact me via PM.



Hi Glenn,

I’m a local so if you want to give me a hoy I’m all ears, it would be wise to add some more info in regards to what you require as a majority of users here specialize in certain areas that you might find useful. Ie Skin development, integration, payment systems

Personally I run two sites at the present moment. (, and have been using cs-cart for roughly just over 6 months now.

If you would like to drop me a line my mobile is 0424 865 326.

You can catch me until 9:30/10pm tonight otherwise tomorrow.



Oh, one other thing, he forgot to put down that he’s really good at it.


Ill be in contact with you shortly. Nice to meet you.