Any Block Content Load In Popup


is there an addon or an other solution to load a content from a block in the popup window?

I will show my customer an image, and when the customer press on the image, the full content will be load.

Is this possible?

It should not appear automaticly by visting the store.

We offer free module which allows to show block content in popup.

Unfortunately it does not show content on click, but it can be reworked according to your needs

I've done a Pop-up Wrapper with the following:


{** block-description:tmpl_popup_window **}

{if $content|trim}

{include file="common/popupbox.tpl" id="og_popup_`$block.block_id`" link_text=$title content=$content link_meta="text" text=$title|unescape}   {/if}

Now the problem is that if I'm creating a HTML or HTML with smarty support block, unless a put some where in the block, it will not display the contents properly. It will always cut of the bottom of contents.

Dose any one know how to fix this?

It is default behaviour. If the popup content contains form, the system puts its content to the bottom to exclude the "form in the form" issue