Answer is simple(?), but I don`t know. Please Help

How do I get rid of “dots” separating products on main page. It looks awful when some products` photos are vertical and other horizontal. Please see attached screen shot in oredr to better understand what I mean. Thank You always for any help:D


First of all, which version of cs-cart and what skin?

I use 1.3.5 and use the default_blue skin and I don’t have those.


Those lines (which I love) are in the aquarelle schemes.

I know they are named delim_v and delim_h :

vertical and horizontal {
.products-delim-v {styles.css (line 1198)
background-position:left center;

I have not attempted to remove them though…but i suspect if you just make the .gif white in a photo editor that would do the trick.

on further review, it looks like it may be formatted as a background image, then each “box/product element” is simply placed in the table, leaving the background image “exposed” in the padding area.

I think it depends on which version you are using as to how it is formatted.

either way, i think if you just change the gif to reflect your background or desired color, that should do it.

[quote]First of all, which version of cs-cart and what skin?[/quote]

I use as MikeFold says “aqurelle_red” skin

Thank You for your help. Do you know what should I do?:slight_smile:

as i said

try changing this graphic


to a plain white color in any photo editor.


Thank You again.

I have a question. Dots on your website looks good;) How did you manage to have all pics equal. I know where to change width in Admin, but Hight is not possible.

If I had all the same as you I wouldn`t mind to keep it.

if a product is square for example, I paste the product onto a white background the same size (ratio: 400 X 600) as the magazines to keep all the product elements the same size. (most of them)

its a pain but it helps the continuity of the website

I understand, but on your website when I click “properties” on the picture it shows for example 54x125. I know that CSC in some point reduce it, because all of my pictures are 320x240 and large 640x480 First one I put as basic and second to view large photo. These 320x240 is not really this in HOME. They are much smaller and as I mentioned before, I know how to change width, but have no idea about hight.

regarding my thread here. I fixed and dots are gone. Thank You :wink:

I renamed that give from



/skins/aquarelle_red/customer/images/products_delim v

OK, 2a.m. here , time to go sleep :stuck_out_tongue: