Another Taxing Question

We show all our prices with VAT and had followed the instructions in this thread ([url][/url]) to try to show without VAT and with VAT, with no success.

We do large number of sales outside the EU and therefore are required to remove UK VAT from the invoice total.

How can this be achieved?


In the US we set up different “locations” for where we ship to and that is how we figure tax on people. So when they are in Ohio we have a “location” set up called “USA-OH” that charges the percentage of tax that we have to charge. When the customer is outside Ohio they are not charged tax and the “location” is just set to “USA”.

I have these set up in locations for Countries that we ship to on a regular basis and they are set with no tax, but at the checkout they are charged the full price and tax breakdown is just not shown.