Another Question

is there an easy way to copy a full set of sub cats from one cat into another have a few main cats that will all have the same sub cats

thanks in advance

bulk category addition is the only choice,…there is no copy.

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one last quick one ok it might not be the last LOL

the BULK cat add and product add option only displays one line to add stuff how is that bulk? Please explain thanks

the first blue image is ADD empty item, or 2nd image is CLONe

so type one in, then click the first blue image, bam more boxes appear.

Brilliant i tell ya :slight_smile:

ok not a copy but better then hand adding universale items to mult cats etc thanks man appreciate your time!

Might you know why product images show up fine when viewing the products in a cat

but sub cat thimgnail images don’t show when viewing a list of subcats even though i have entered images for them and they show in admin?

If you have phpmyadmin you might be able to do it directly in the table.

still can not get sub cat images to show even if there is one in admin for both icon and even main image

even tried putting an item in that cat nothing… no go will not display sub cat icons when viewing a cat with subcats in it

dude, take a deep breath, its not that hard,

click the + sign on any root category (opens a list of subcats), then click on the Title of any subcat and you can edit it.

you may trying Playing with

you can do whatever you want there and test your hearts content.

the message you replied to was deleted right away, lol dunno how u saw it but the subcat images is still an issue for me

thanks so much for all of your help