Another Paypal Express Checkout issue

Hi all,

I am using Paypal Pro without issue…

I also have Paypal Express Checkout installed which works ONLY when used through the standard checkout process. When used this way it works just fine (although it does take a long time).

When Paypal Express checkout is used via the button the the Shopping Cart Page (/index.php?dispatch=checkout.cart) I am getting two different situations (random it seems!):

  1. I get to paypal, login, and proceed with order, then I go back to my shopping cart page (/index.php?dispatch=checkout.cart) but now the item(s) are missing (nothing in cart). The order does not continue.

  2. I get a blank page with the URL /payments/paypal_express.php.

    Actually now that I am testing again it is always case #2 (blank page).

    I am hoping for some kind of solution here. It would be great if I could get this express payment button working, but if not, I would also be ok with just removing the button from the shopping cart and letting users do it through the normal checkout process. Can anyone advise either way? Thanks in advance!

If you remove it from the cart page then when they click on on the checkout page they will need to sign in. It will then say something like click here to review your order, but once you do, it takes you right to the invoice and the order is already completed. This can be confusing for the customer.

That may have been fixed and it will show the total, but not the line items on the paypal site. But the total isn’t correct and doesn’t include shipping and discounts, so it will say pay $50, but it actually will charge them like $65 or whatever with the shipping and stuff. It’s an issue I’ve had and ranted about a lot.