Another host to consider

I have this host for about 2 years, thus, I recommend.

They are US and UK based. In US they have their OWN data center in FL.

Very easy configuration from famous c-panel, a breath of fresh air from horrible godaddy control panel (at least it was for me). :smiley:

They only provide support through on-line tickets. That is a bit inconvenient. However, so many times I CALLED godaddy and they were like, oh well, we don’t see a problem on our side… So, I learned that a phone support does not equal service.

The on-line support is not always good option too. As I learned the reps do not always read the previous posts on the tickets and end up asking the same questions that prolong the correspondence and an arrival at the solution.

I had some problems with the on-line support with surpass hosting but it was on setting up custom features rather than problem with the service. Once they pissed me off by taking a whole day (like 24 hours) setting up SSL. But other wise I am happy.

Well, once I had an important client website who is still on godaddy. So, I move it to godaddy and asked them to setup static IP and SSL. Damn, they took the website for 3 whole days offline by moving it to a “secure” server. I had that client call me every 6 hours telling that website is still down and I should call go daddy. That brings us again to the phone support… Nothing they could do, even setup a copy of the website on unsecured server. I should have bought a different hosting then and use it at least while godaddy was down, yet I had a belief that godaddy will come through any hour now… 70+ hours.

Anyway, I am pissed at godaddy. Also, why I hate their control panel? Imagine setting up something for a client… He needs a new database, a change in settings there or there… Damn godaddy takes 20 mins to create a new database. A colossal time waste if you are at someone’s site. Once I spent 3 hours doing nothing but a few changes but I had to stay until these changes became visible.

Basically, stay away from godaddy and if you are looking for a host, checkout these guys.

I know that there are no perfect hosting solutions. However, I abhor GoDaddy. I still have all my domains with them but their hosting is abysmal.