Animated Autotype Text not working

Hello, Animated Autotype Text not working, its static text, it should be like this:
searchbox missing

, how to fix it ?

Are you using Unitheme theme?
If yes, I think you should contact with AlexBranding support, they’re the most competent in resolving issues with Unitheme, and response time is quite fast.

Please also check how to set up this feature in UniTheme2

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The add-on was not installed, I installed now but search box it still has static search text. Anything else that I need to do?

It seems to be in conflict with [[eCom Labs] Live Search Free addon, when I disable it, search motivation its working.


@ecomlabs is there a newer version of the addon that fixed this ?

I am afraid, both modules overrides the same template. So they are not compatible

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