And we're live! Thank you!!! (comments welcomed)

I just wanted to say thank you to all that helped me get this far (still a lot of work to do though). I think I got most of the bugs out. There are still some issues with Safari (scroller window shows empty and the pop up messages are so low on the page, no one can see them!).

I would welcome any comments and particularly suggestions on how to improve the site in terms of design or addon/mods you think may make my site better (I’m running on a mac and don’t have IE… no idea what my site looks like on IE).

We are at:

Thank you!!

Nice site… well done.

I’ve changed my mouse pointer to a hand pistol, keep taking pot shots at those butterflies, only they keep hiding behind your home page banner.:rolleyes::smiley:

lol. Yeah., I’m not sure how to fix that one…

your not live by me, but I know your with Hostgator because I’m receiving an error from them.

Nice site…

your Madison Flowers link at the bottom doesn’t work as a result of quotes ( " ) placed at he end of the link…

moka - Site is quite wide for a standard 1024x768 res, even worse for lower res users. And the “Isabella Butteflies” category title needs an “r”… I’ve had “butteflies” and it ain’t pretty. :smiley:

Otherwise, very nice.

lol. Thanks for the spelling tip!

I’m running on a mac and firefox the site is centered for me and the main width is 900px. Not sure how to fix this…my friend tells me its off to the right. what browser are you using? Thanks for the heads up!

moka - to answer you, my typical screen res is 1024x768, and the site is off to the right in both FF2 and IE7. There seems to be space at the top and left which pushes your burgundy-red-outlined site area down and to the right. Without that background space, it would likely display better without a horizontal scrollbar needed. Still, maybe I’m the exception and you don’t need to do anything as more and more are going with a higher res these days… still, the burgundy-red-outlined area seems to be justified right to the browsers I’ve tried.

Also in IE7, I get the following errors from your home page as it says “Done, but errors on page.”… 5 errors on line 1186, characters 42, 59, 122, 83, and 132. All are errors are Expected ‘)’.

Again, otherwise operates well and looks good.