An A-Z product listing page (automated)

An A-Z product listing page, would be nice

A-Z product listing?

You mean from all Products?

Yeah from all prods, like:

Go to: A B C D E F G H etc etc


a apple

a phone


etc etc




etc etc

This sounds like an augmented paging protocol - which is not a bad idea and may not be hard to do.

So basically, instead of sending page=## to the ajax perhaps you could send starts_with=A and then on the back you’d run a query tied into the rest of the listing order/paging process…

In my head, what this would look like is a sortof a set of narrow tabs 0-9, A, B, C, etc. across the top above the Show as: and the Order by: row.

Alternatively, you could probably set this up as a product filter - you know, set up ‘Starts with:’ as the filter and then have all the letters as options… not sure if that would work fresh out of the box - but those are my two thoughts.

I have actually wanted to do something similar, except instead of having letters, I want to have colors (for photography sales) that tie into histogram data stored in a custom field.

Webgraphiq has a mod they just released for this. Link

You can vote to add this feature in the Ideas forum:



Good idea, but… The cart is multilingual and there should be support not only for English language. I think we need to store different alphabets somethere.