Amazon SES handling bounces with transactional emails

Hi, I’m having a bit of an issue while handling permanent bounces for AWS SES when it comes to transactional emails from my site.

In order to get production access, there is a need to handle the bounces, and I’ve already done it for newsletters (removing the subscribers from the list).

For transactional emails however, the solution I came up with was to let the user update their email address in case of a hard bounce.

If there is a better workflow than this, please let me know.

Now the flow is basically that if a user’s email gets a hard bounce, I disable their account and notify them when I try to log in.

So, the user’s account is disabled, and when he logs in, he gets the notification that the account has been disabled, and sure, I can add a notification that it is due to this reason.

But, the user should be able to update their email address. So the only way that would be possible is to log in and then let them update their email and then verify it, but I don’t know exactly how to do it.

The backend part is easy, I can add a new table and keep the emails there and flag them, but allowing the user to just update their email(rest other functionalities like viewing products and stuff should be gone) and to allow just that is where I’m facing an issue.

I would love another insight on this. Directly banning the user and disabling their account doesn’t seem like a good option.

Any thoughts in the right direction would be appreciated.