Amazon Payments Shipping setup


How do you set up Amazon Payments Shipping to work with cs-cart. I am forced to set up shipping prices on amazon instead of using what the person chooses in the cart. What settings for shipping do you use so that Amazon payments will use the shipping methods and rates from cs-cart.



If Amazon is not an included shipping provider with CS Cart, I don't know. But here's an interesting article about the pitfalls of selling through Amazon and the best ways to make sure you're not getting ripped off:

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I use the Amazon mod in CS-Cart. The problem I am having is that Amazon forces me to set up shipping methods and prices in Amazon seller Central. This conflicts with the shipping methods and prices set up in cs-cart.

If a person chooses a particular method with a price in cs-cart and then Uses Amazon payments to check out, they are presented with different cart totals and shipping methods and prices.

I just want to know what needs to be configured so that the shipping methods and prices shown in the cs-cart shipping estimator are passed to Amazon payments.

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I upgraded to version 2.2.4 and it seems most of my problems went away, except for1 major problem.

The shipping method that the customer chooses in the Amazon payment window, after selecting their shipping address, is not passed back to cs-cart.

I have two shipping methods in my cs-cart:

Example for one product:

Standard ($3.00)

Priority ($5.25)

Independent of the payment method, the default method is Standard, if they don't select the method in the cart. The radio button would be on standard.

An Amazon customer does not have to select a shipping method at this point, they select the method from within the Amazon payments window. Now, they do have a choice of Standard or Priority which matches the methods in cs-cart and the prices.

If they select Priority from within Amazon payments and place the order then this is what happens:

The CS-Cart Invoice indicates the standard method and price.

The Amazon Payments invoice, notification I get and customer gets from Amazon, shows Priority (which the customer chose) and the correct price.

Priority Shipping is not passed back to cs-cart.

Since I know what is happening, I go with the shipping method from Amazon, go back and edit the invoice in cs-cart and then use my import into Quick books. When I did not realize this problem was happening, I was sending orders via the standard method as indicated in the cs-cart invoice, instead of what the customer selected and will be billed by Amazon.

I would like to know if every one else is experiencing this problem and if there is a way to fix it?

Also, minor; even though the customer's phone number is in their amazon account, it never gets passed to their invoice in cs-cart.

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I had my amazon payments completely re-done by alt team. It wasn't working at all in Europe… it was quite a lot of work for them to get it sorted but it works fine now.

Maybe you should ask them to change some stuff, since you almost have it working correctly, it shouldn't take too long