Amazon Payments-Shipping Method/rate Problem

CS-Cart-2.2.4 Pro

I have been using Amazon Payments off an on for a couple of years. Seems to be working now except for shipping method problems.

When a customer goes to the cart, in most cases, the default US method “standard” and the corresponding price, defaults on the cart page.

The customer could select a method, Standard or Priority. They may or may not.

After clicking amazon payments, the window opens with both shipping methods, Priority and Standard, with Priority as the default.

What happens is the customer leaves it as Priority and completes the order. The cs-cart invoice has Standard with the standard price. So, the customer and me, end up with an Amazon receipt with Priority Shipping and that price, and the CS-Cart Invoice with Standard shipping and the corresponding price.

I did put instructions on the checkout page for Amazon Payments that requests that the customer select a shipping method in the cart and then make sure they select the same method in the Amazon Payments window.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and have a fix? Evidently, Amazon Payments does not write back to cs-cart the Shipping Method and Price selected in the Amazon Window.