Amazon payments in the UK

Has anyone managed to get Amazon payments in the UK working?

Once you have signed in to Amazon and when you select the ship to address is it fails this message:

Important Message

We’re sorry, but there’s a problem with this order. Please contact the merchant directly for assistance in completing this order.

I have tried sandbox, setting the config without hftps etc. all keys are correct.


I have the same in Germany. I guess it has to do with dollar / euro / pound stuff. You can only select dollars in cs-cart admin. Please see and respond so they see it again, to

Does anyone have Amazon payments working in Europe?

Almost have it working. Paying, address, everything goes fine, except that the shop says the order has failed even though it has not.

It was quite the job, but Alt team fixed this for me and amazon payments is now working great for me in Germany (probably Europe).

After turning it on, I had my first order with it in 10 minutes… !