Amazon Payment Integration?

Now that Amazon has a payment processor has anyone started to work on a mod to make it work with CS (1.3.5 and after). Maybe this would be a good alternative to the Google checkout that still does not work correctly because of Google’s “3 second rule”.

any plan for this payment ?

anybody ? it will be great payment

I’m still hoping that Amazon gets on the list at some point. We’ve since given up on Google Checkout again. There service level not only stinks, but they will shut down your checkout and not tell you why. We were running it on our game site and our automotive fastener website and for no reason or explanation they shut down the fastener website and said we would have to contact the customers and get “alternative payment methods” in order to process orders. From what I’ve seen around the internet Google is becoming not only pretty famous for lousy, robotic service but for shutting down checkouts with no explanation.

We already offer credit card and paypal as methods of payment. While paypal is more expensive, we’ve just found that alternative payment methods tend to do well too. With Amazon even giving ebay a good run for it’s money, Amazon payments seems like a good addition to CS. Since I have no experience with Amazon Checkout I really do not know if it is good or not. I would strongly warn people to be very careful with Google Checkout as they must have some strange policy that they can “shut you down” with no explanation or reasoning.