Amazon Mega Menu

Hi CS-Cart fellows

Another useful and very SEO friendly Mega Menu is out. Its the Amazon Mega Menu for 4.1.x

Just like in Amazon you have a left Drop Down Menu with all main Categories + a descriptions line and then by hovering on each main category you get Secondary Categories with Image plus a list of third level Categories. You also got the banner (image only) on the right corner (clickable) that you can set per category as promo. You can align this image as far as you like outside the menu frame to get a 3D effect (if an png image is used in order to maintain opacity.

In the category then you get the full second and third level categories as a list, and beleow that filters in 2 rows. You have access to the main categories any time by hovering on the products button on the top of the list.

And in products screen you can either go with the same format or leave just the hover Button on the top menu for the main categories jsut like in amazon

Setting up this Addon is simple. You got the Categories Blocks you have to set in Category pages for the Hovering List of main Categories and the lsit of products and Filters for the Categories.

There are also a few fields in the categories where you can set Descritpion for the second line and image and link for the promo image

This is an amazing useful Menu and so much SEO friendly as it can get! Dont take my word for that!

Just read a recent Practicalecommerce Article on that SEO: Why Amazon’s Navigation Works So Well

The price on that is 85USD and you can get it in our Store !


Will this mega menu use ajax to increase speed?

Hi medical

no this is a much complicated menu. But you can use the standard ajax mega menu we have already brought out


Do they work together? or is it one or the other?

What about the responsive theme? can I use it with it?


Where can we see the working demo ?

I like this design! But I've got to see how it responds on a mobile browser.

CS-Cart engineers state that only the Responsive Themes will be supported going forward, and that the Basic theme will be phased out. Before I invest in this gorgeous Mega Menu, I've got to see what it does when scaled down to mobile browser size.

Looks pretty cool. Hope to see a live demo of the front and back end soon.

Hi guys demo is on

Front page


Finishing Manuals to make it available shortly


Hello Fotis,

The demo storefront menu links are not functioning correctly. Also, the admin setup for this add-on is not quite clear and straight forward. Look into it as I have been waiting for a while to see this in action and get the get add-on for our site in development.


Hi Adeo

Menu links are ok. Theu work exactly like the Amazon menu meaning not all things are links. You can have a try in the real Amazon menu for that.

There will be a manual and a video for backend. Demo is only for you to get hte feeling. Setup is only once.

This version is not a responsive one. This will be ready when CS-Cart is out of beta with responsive and things are stable.


Hello Fotis,

I understood your point but what I am pointing your attention to is the fact that the demo site storefront does not display any sub-categories or sub-sub categories when you click on any of the links. It just returns lines of CSS or HTML codes. So, it is impossible to see how the add-will work based on the demo site at the moment. Can u take a look and see if there is a fix needed or did you make the demo site only output codes when a link is clicked. And when will it be available to purchase. Can I purchase it now and start playing with it while u complete your documentation. I have been waiting to purchase and install this menu and make our site design and layout around it


Looks like the test server is playing games!!

ok I ll pm you another test server to see and you can then let me know if you want it now!


I do still want it based on the test that i saw on a site that you did this for in version 3x. Just tell me where to buy it and we work out the rest. I will even help you perfect it by letting u know about bugs, etc.


Amazon Mega Menu is finally out.

You can get it at for 85USD


Demo site not working properly.

Has this been updated and tested on V4.3.1 Responsive theme ???