Amazon Inventory Sync

I'm looking to sync my CS-Cart and Amazon inventory. So as soon as an order is placed on Amazon, the item would be removed from my cs-cart inventory and vice versa. Other platforms seem to have services or plug ins that support this function, but I can't find one that is widely used for cs-cart. I did find, but they are new and not very responsive. So…has anyone figured out a way to sync inventory between amazon and cs-cart in a real time fashion and/or has anyone tried orderhive?

I'm very interested in this too, willing to pay for a solution if someone has an out of the box solution

I'm interested as well.

also i am interested in amazon integration with my cs-cart 4.1.5

Try this, they do it all.

Did anyone get any further with this ? We just kicked out linnworks as you are unable to list to cs cart or pull items from cs cart.

Seems like the majority of multi channel systems have no idea of cs cart.

Anyone who knows any multi channel systems that work with cs cart please let me know.

Also interested here.

Especially if it works with options and option combinations