Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

I currently have two colocated webservers. Looking at my usage, I can save on my TCO by moving to Amazon’s EC2 and eliminate upgrading my dedicated servers. I like to know if anyone is running CSC on EC2 and what AMI you are using and if there were any problems encountered during the install or running cs-cart?

I don’t know, seems like a fee on top of another fee…

[quote name=‘TexasGuy’]I don’t know, seems like a fee on top of another fee…[/QUOTE]I’m looking for someone who is using CS-Cart on Amazon’s EC2.

I just loaded one of my website on EC2 and EBS. Everything seems to be working using a Debian AMI LAMP. Now I going to setup another virtual host for CSC and see how works. My goal is to eliminate my colocated servers and get all my websites installed on EC2.

CSC is working fine on EC2. I changed the AMI from Debian to a Centos LAMP. After upgrading the AMI to Centos 5.5, I compiled the latest versions of Apache and PHP. Since I haven’t upgraded my version CSC yet, I had to fix a few lines of PHP code due to depreciated functions. I have the database and website on an attached EBS volume. Seems faster than my old colocated server.

I did receive a warning from Amazon. The don’t like email being sent from their cloud without requesting removal of email sending limitation. Many EC2 users are using AuthSMTP because email from EC2 tends to be blacklisted anyway. AuthSMTP and PostFix work just fine.