Amazon Data Feeds

I've been contacted by amazon to sell on their site. I am attempting to export our store data via the data feeds or export data tab. The problem I am running into is the options field. Each product I have is available in multiple sizes and colors. When I export the options field, all of the options for the specific product show up, but there is no pricing associated with the option. It looks something like this:

{741_L}Size : S[{3126}18" wide,{3127}24" wide,{3128}36" wide,{3129}48" wide,{3130}60" wide,{3597}72" wide,{4008}84" wide]; {740_L}Ground Color: S[{3746}Select Color,{3111}White,{3112}Black,{3113}Blue,{3114}Ice Blue,{3115}Lavender,{3116}Lilac,{3117}Soft Pink,{3118}Yellow,{3119}Red,{3120}Orange,{3121}Green,{3122}Lime-Tree Green,{3123}Brown,{3124}Light Brown,{3125}Grey]; {739_L}Cactus Color: S[{3745}Select Color,{3096}White,{3097}Black,{3098}Blue,{3099}Ice Blue,{3100}Lavender,{3101}Lilac,{3102}Soft Pink,{3103}Yellow,{3104}Red,{3105}Orange,{3106}Green,{3107}Lime-Tree Green,{3108}Brown,{3109}Light Brown,{3110}Grey]

Is there a way to decipher the pricing after exporting? Or am I going to have to go through it manually?

What else would you need to export with each option ?

Do you have a UPC for each one ?