Am I running a Demo?

I’m running an early version of Cs-cart on one of my websites. A couple days ago, I downloaded version 1.3.5-sp2. While contemplating whether to make the upgrade, (it meant I would lose a LOT of customization) I installed the script on another site with a broken link so it wouldn’t be accessible. (Just playing around)

I loved the features so much, I started playing around customizing everything. I got a little ahead of myself, because now I like it so much, I’d like to puchase the license and start using it on the second site (with all of the customizing in tact). I noticed that there’s a message on the start page saying it’s a demo version. I downloaded the file from the files section of my registered account, so I’m not sure why it would be a demo version. Will the demo become live, with my mod’s in tact when I purchase the license for the new site or do I have to install a new full version or something?

I only use Paypal gateway on my licensed site, but will be using a processor on the new one. (I know this is one of the restrictions on the demo version)



-Just found on another post that the default text for the full version is that demo message. I think I may be running the full version as it is. I’ll just change the demo text and go ahead with the license for the second site.

Is there some sort of way you could recommend to be sure that I am running the full version. Is the only restriction with limiting the payment processors?

For version go to… admin>dbbackup/restore>upgradecenter, your version is there top left.

If you down loaded from customer area then it is the full version.