Always Show Price Without Tax And Below Incl. Tax

I noted when user is not logged on, only the price label exclusive tax is shown $16.35.

Only logged on users see both prices $16.35 as well as ($18.80 Incl. GST) . However we always want to show both price labels. How can we achieve that?

Thank you

this can't be true...which browser do you use...

this can't be true...which browser do you use...

It happens if taxes are not specified for the default location (Settings -> General -> Default location) as taxes are based on the default location for unlogged customers

After entering default country and default state, it shows both price labels as required.

Thanks heaps for you help.

You are welcome!

I have found a problem with this V4.5.2

I want to use "select state" for the default in settings copamy as this forces customers to choose a state instead of checking out and leaving the default state in the box.

the reason I need this is we have different shipping rate for different states and sometimes customers skip past the "default state" so whti smeans the shouuld be paying higher shipping to their own state but can pay lower shipping because they leave the state as the default and put all other details.

What happens if you change Default state value in the admin panel to - Select state - ?

Select state means the taxes dont show in the store front until user is logged in.

Ive found the solution though, If I remove the "states" from the location and leave just the post codes it works ok and "select state" can be chosen